We have been building the LED Glass brand for almost 10 years mainly through innovative solutions, customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.

Since you are reading these words, someone close to you probably uses the lighting we created. Thank you! We believe that the products serving our clients on a daily basis are the best advertisement of Led Glass because they are: durable, timeless, causing a smile and admiration.

We are open to non-typical requirements and creativity of our customers.

We are ready to cooperate with architects and people who want to implement their vision of space using light. We inspire and let others inspire us. We provide the best service and dozens of reasons to be recommended to others. How is that possible? Our projects are created by young people with imagination who know everything about LED lighting. This is how we develop our business.

UE Projects

Go to Brand 2017 - 2021

Led Glass brand is supported by the "Go To Brand" project, implemented from the European Union funds as a part of the European Regional Development Fund, the Intelligent Development Operational Program. Co-financing allows us to participate in fairs, exhibitions, trade missions and foreign conferences. In addition, it also includes the purchase and production of advertising materials, implementation of the new website and other promotional activities. The co-financing also partially covers the costs of consultancy, which will help us effectively promote our Polish brand abroad.

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